Lottotech – Lottery Operator in Mauritius-rs lotto-hdiej-bahjtn

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[Lottotech – Lottery Operator in Mauritius-rs lotto-hdiej-bahjtn]I am writing again in this group. I tried asking regarding my career previously but there is no change since then. It is been 1 year now. I got so many interviews but still no job. In some interviews, they said I am the candidate and I was at the last round but then they rejected me. All my self-esteem, confidence is very down. I don’t know how will I do good in my life. I feel like there is no point in doing all these. I am searching and applying for jobs day and night trying to learn more. I am so mentally tired now. At the starting of this year I was so depressed I thought of committing suicide. I am currently living in Europe but soon I am going back to India as my visa got rejected. I have no life now like 0 zero social life. It is being so stressful now. I feel useless. Can anyone please tell me what is waiting for me in near future? I had a dream of pursuing PhD but with this mental state, I don’t know-how. DOB 25/03/94Time 2.20 – 2.23 pm afternoonPlace Serampore, West Bengal, India1. When will I be able to pay off my loan?2. Will i get loan or not?3. When will I be able to recover my money?4. Will I get my parental property?5. Will I be able to recover all my money?6.Will I become a multimillionaire or billionaire?7. When will my financial prosperity come ?8. Will I get financial/ monetary help from my parents/ friends or relatives etc.9. Can I investment in shares/ property etc. will they be profitable?10. Will I be able to own or purchase a property?11. Will I get loan on my property?12. Will I get loan from bank or any similar institution to purchase property, will I face any problem to repay it?13. Will I be able to own or purchase a new car I desire?

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